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2595 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 0P5
(204) 832-1368

BIRCHWOOD PET GROOMING  (204) 832-1368   

Birchwood Pet Grooming has been in operation since 1997. Our groomer Monica, has many professional years grooming all breeds of dogs and cats.

Our pet grooming service is available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday by appointment only.  You are welcome to bring your pet to us between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Clients will be notified by phone when their pet is ready for pick up (usually mid-afternoon).

Your pet may be picked up later in the day if necessary.

We cannot offer a guarantee for time of completion as time requirements vary per pet.

We want to provide you and your pet with the best service possible.  Please allow adequate time for your pet's appointment and, if sedation is required, recovery!  Your pet's well-being is dependent upon the provision of optimal patient care.

All grooming services include nail trimming.   Anal gland expression is performed by our Animal Health Technologists if requested at the time of grooming.

Cats: $66 (Does not include sedation, physical examination or pre-anesthetic bloodwork).

Dogs:  The cost of grooming a dog is largely dependent on the size/breed, condition of / type of the coat and the time it takes to complete the task. An estimate will be provided upon request.  Small dogs typically start at $59.

Price will vary if sedation is required.  Because sedation involves the introduction of a drug, we strive to provide the best medical options possible to ensure your pet's safety.  Should it be necessary, a physical examination and/or pre-anesthetic bloodwork will be offered if not conducted within the previous 12 months. 

***Pet's requiring sedation should be fasted after 9pm the evening prior to grooming, water may be given overnight but please do not offer any on the morning of the day they are to be groomed.

A few important points:

  • All clients will be required to complete a PPGAM (Professional Pet Groomers Association of Manitoba) waiver.  *** View waiver ***
  • All pets admitted to our hospital should have current (within the past 12 months) vaccinations prior to grooming due to potential contagious diseases or infections.
  • We require that all pets be in good health and free of infectious diseases.   We reserve the right to refuse any animal for grooming that poses a health or safety risk.
  • Should your pet require sedation, he/she will be subject to a physical examination if not conducted within the past 12 months.  Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is recommended prior to sedation.

Grooming Resources

The Matted Dog

A Guide To Grooming

Birchwood Pet Grooming now uses the Nagayu C02 Bathing System for pets with problem skin!

From the Nagayu website:

Nagayu CO2 SPA is able to decompose the body fluid that caused the odor, and give a much better cleaning than regular water. At the same time, the effect of the bicarbonate ions, hydrogen ions also wash off mineral waste and silicon dirt clogged in the hair root. This results in a full, silky, and healthy coat. We suggest to try Nagayu CO2 SPA without usi...ng the conditioner after shampoo to see the improvement on the hair condition.

We can use Nagayu CO2 SPA to shower on the problem area, or soak in a bathtub.
Nagayu CO2 SPA speeds up the healing process by increasing blood flow, allow cells to absorb more nutrients and more oxygen for the process of cell regeneration. We know that deep-cleaning can also cause over-dryness for the skin, so we added moisturizing supplement into the tablet to avoid the problem.


Nail Care: How To Trim Your Pets Nails

Tip:  Have some cornstarch ready in case the nail is accidentally trimmed too short and begins to bleed.  Apply cornstarch to nail and continue using direct pressure until bleeding ceases (can take several minutes).

Larger version here

Grooming Guidelines


PUPPY CUT (Kennel Cut/Teddy Cut):  This style is basically the same cut your dog has but a shorter version. Only dogs that have no mats in their coat can be styled this way. The groomer must be able to comb through every inch of the coat. Most often this cut is about an inch in length.

SPORT CUT:  This style is cutting the ENTIRE coat short. This is ideal if your dog is quite matted. Breed specific faces can be done if desired. 

SPANIEL CUT:  This style is when the groomer leaves the skirt and legging. 

SCHNAUZER CUT:  This style is when the groomer leaves eyebrows, beard, skirt, and legging.

WHEATEN CUT:  This style, similar to the schnauzer cut, is when the groomer leaves longer eyebrows, beard, skirt and legging.


LION CUT (FELINE): This style is when the entire body is shaved short, the head (mane), boots and small amount at end of tail are left.  BILLY is modelling this look and appears quite pleased with the results!

Veterinary Topics